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Hasthapradha Charitable Trust is bound to develop a secure and resilient society promoting sustainable development, environment protection and humanitarian relief. Our social commitment towards the society focuses on health, education, disaster relief, senior care, gender and livelihood.


Focusing on the need of girls education and women education, so that they can be a part of a better society. 

We cannot foresee prosperity without uphold education in every aspect of our life. Providing proper education is the key to eradicate social inequality. We support the schoolings of unprivileged kids. Enhancing the educational accomplishments never ends at primary level, we are hoping to introduce scholarships for graduation programs. Literacy program for older people to empower them in this fast paced life.

Senior Care

We have a major increase in ageing population over the years. A healthy older generation is an indication of a better society. 

We care for our senior members and we do stand with them. Individual wellbeing of seniors is of utmost priority for us. Nursing homes can be a shelter for homeless elders and thus provide medical care and personal assistance. We assist elder population and improve their living standard. 

Health Care

Enabling quality healthcare services in rural areas by facilitating medical camps, providing  medication, hygiene training and spreading awareness. 

The pandemic has created a tremendous blow to the healthcare system. Those who impacted with covid 19 virus is not the only section affected, the seasonal contagious diseases also had the toll. We address the present health issues and the basic quality of life as well. Emulating the standards put forward by the health department to contain the impact. 

Women Empowerment

We address the root cause of gender inequality and empower the women by connecting, inspiring and guiding them to become better citizens of tomorrow. 

Social construct has been a barrier for women to come out of their households. It’s high time to acknowledge the fact that our women population is far behind the social advancement spectrum. Equal opportunity in the workplace can’t be the only solution to the crisis, but the presence of women should be reflected in every stage of our social hierarchy. We educate girls the significance of equality and participation.

Animal Resque

Animal abuse. The phrase likely sends shivers down your spine. Who wants to see an animal abused by a human being? That’s why we have animal rescue initiatives.

Unfortunately, some people don’t mind abusing animals when it serves their purposes. The good news is that you can help fight animal cruelty by understanding what it means and how you can help.

This is a tough topic to digest, but people who stand up against animal abuse send a strong message.

Disaster Relief

We were facing natural calamities in the past few decades and our life has been immensely affected. At such times, we offer our effort to eradicate distress caused by the disaster.

Food and crisis essentials are supplied to calamity affected people. We reach such sensitive spots to support and ensure the rehabilitation of the distressed population. Though building temporary shelters and houses are primary concerns, we strive to provide a durable and permanent solution for homes to disaster hit people. We expand our effort to make the victims recover fast and back to life.

Social Welfare

Providing scope for self-employment to poor women, supporting poor children’s education, educating people about and ensuring environment conservation through new and renewable energy sources, creating awareness regarding proper health care and hygiene, providing medical relief and access to medical help, are some of our initiatives in both the rural as well as urban India. And while we work on these outlined areas, we also take up issues that come across us in our field work and research.In our effort to better the people and thus the society at large, we also provide for a wide support base by inspiring people to come forward and join hands in these noble causes.

Covid 19

Every single day, we receive between 60 – 100 reports about animals in different kinds of emergencies from all over the city of Pune and its fringe villages, as well as Lonavala Town (60 kms from Pune).

Since 2007, RESQ has rescued over 30,000 sick and injured animals from the streets of Pune.