Social Welfare

Onsite Rescue

Every single day, we receive between 60 – 100 reports about animals in different kinds of emergencies from all over the city of Pune and its fringe villages, as well as Lonavala Town (60 kms from Pune).

Since 2007, RESQ has rescued over 30,000 sick and injured animals from the streets of Pune.

We receive all kinds of animal emergencies ranging from road accidents to wounds, fractures, infectious diseases like Rabies, Distemper, Skin Infections, and several other illnesses in dogs and cats. In cows, horses, donkeys and other large animals, we receive wound cases, road accidents, and rumen-impacted cases of ‘plastic cows’.

We have two small animal ambulances and one large animal ambulance, which cover different areas of Pune city based on emergency levels. We have one Onsite Rescue Team and ambulance, which is fully equipped to handle all animal emergencies in the town of Lonavala.

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