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Together we unite, embrace, serve, and propel to better living!

About Hastapradha

A charitable trust to unite underprivileged people together, to have communication among them to share ideas, and discuss various issues. It is a group of like-minded members to organize and volunteer the good cause. We strive to establish a better path for advancements and upliftment of our weaker section. We propagate our values to society through our actions that have a greater impact.

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Volunteer with Hastapradha!

Come and join us to serve for a better cause. We can do many things for the upliftment of our people. Lend our hands to that deprived sector of society. The young population in the society is always welcome and their participation has been limited the past few years and bringing them back to the front is one of our major intentions.

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Our Sectors

Our Association

We associate with various organizations to stretch our hands towards needy people.
It’s an opportunity to showcase our organizing prowess and the right place to build our companionship.

The members can come forward with venturing ideas to establish businesses or companies which directly or indirectly aid ourselves. We facilitate and channelize the right resources for the members who initiate such ventures. The solution to the vast pool of adversities couldn’t be addressed single-handedly, association with the proper institutions enhance the overall effectiveness of the venture. We cooperate with a wide range of local institutions, fundraisers, NGOs, governments, and other organizers to empower our society..