How It Works?

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Hasthapradha emphasizes on supporting children’s education, providing care for senior citizens, hunger relief, healthcare services also for the betterment of people’s livelihood opportunities. We strategically focus on promoting quality education, healthcare facilities and women empowerment.

As we move forward our main focus will be on social analysis, leadership skill development, education assistance, healthcare assistance, support for food and shelter.

What Makes  Hastapradha Different?

Hasthapradha Charitable Trust withholds the core values towards the people by inspiring and supporting them in their need.

Moral responsibility towards the society to flourish through modern times.

Lend hands to the economically backward section of people in the society


Bring back the cohesive nature in our engagements.

Connect geographically scattered underprivileged people and bring out their ideas.

How We Help?


Hastapradha is a top-rated charity

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